PICGREEN photography | Our Family Update!

Our Family Update!

February 10, 2015  •  1 Comment

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It’s been a while since I have written a personal blog on our Photography page. Life has been busy. This past year has blessed us with wonderful clients, some of whom have become good friends. We, as always, have felt a sense of honor to be trusted to capture intimate moments on a couple’s wedding day. Our work has been changing and morphing into a beautiful piece of artwork woven by all the weddings we have captured. We feel that each one makes us better photographers, but also better spouses.

On a personal note, our boys are growing up before our eyes. I feel like each day they show a little more independence and maturity. They teach us a lot about ourselves, and show us how to look at the world through a child’s eye. Henley is now 4 and Chatwin is 3. They are “bestest friends” and every night I look around and it looks like a toy bomb exploded all over our house.

Quincy and I have really enjoyed being able to both raise the boys and work a lot of nights and weekends doing mostly Wedding Photography. The purpose behind us choosing Photography was to have more time with the boys. Now that the boys are on the verge of going to school, we knew we were going to have to make some changes to continue to spend as much time with them as possible.

We had a lot of hard discussions and a lot of praying but, we were presented, through a friend, an opportunity for Quincy to join a family owned Coffee company. Back in the day before photography, Quincy worked for an un-named local coffee company which gave him a lot of experience in the coffee world. When this new Opportunity came about, it made complete sense for Quincy to start back where he left off.  He has just created & launched the website for Java Brothers Coffee, where you can buy coffee, sign up for a recurring coffee plan & a “How To” section of different brewing methods with step-by-step photos.  He is also beginning to get the coffee into the local grocery stores here in KC.  As of right now the New Hy-Vee in Olathe & the Brookside Market in…Brookside!  The hope is to gain brand awareness and eventually open a coffee shop locally. The Family who owns this company has treated us like family and has given Quincy the creative freedom to make this new coffee thrive.  Not only am I thankful for this new opportunity, but I am very proud of Quincy.  Check out @javabrothers on Instagram and follow them!

What does this mean for PICGREEN Photography?

I (Ashley) will be running it. Quincy will still shoot the sessions mostly but I will be doing everything else to continue to grow our Photography business. We will only allow selected weddings from here on out to allow more time with our family. We still welcome the referrals. We will be doing our family, senior, and kid sessions as usual.

I will also continue to run our Advocare business. In the last year that we have been on the products, we have felt better and more healthy than ever before, and we want to continue to help others meet there health, fitness, and financial goals.


Steve Marchand(non-registered)
Congratulations! Quincy and Ashley you deserve all of the wonderful things that can come your way. The love you have for your boys and have shared with all of the families you have touched with your photography has been nothing short of amazing. Wish the best for you!
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